Books by Dr. Brad Poppie: The Trilogy



Dr. Brad Poppie's trilogy

The Poppie Factor trilogy is designed to guide anyone within the business world ranging from the dreaming entrepreneur to corporate upper management. From his 30+ years of business experience, Dr. Brad Poppie shares his blueprint for starting a successful business, growing and sustaining business momentum, and building a strong team that will carry your business forward.


Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum – Paper Back

This book is your key to defining success, refining your brand, and building the momentum needed to boost your profitability for the long-haul.

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The New Intrapreneur – Paper Back

Shape your business and regain your personal freedom through dynamic new management techniques shared by Dr. Brad Poppie in The New Intrapreneur. Learn techniques for business growth and employee autonomy without sacrificing success.

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