Dr. Brad Poppie

Author, educator, and successful entrepreneur Dr. Brad Poppie understands the challenges facing the modern business owner. Having founded businesses ranging from healthcare to hotels to apparel companies, Dr. Poppie knows how easy it can be for a business owner to take too much on themselves at the sacrifice of personal freedom.

Through both his personal experience and his in-depth study of highly successful businesses, Dr. Poppie has formulated an equation for business success that ensures an entrepreneur’s work/life balance while not sacrificing success.

Building on his past successful guides, The Poppie Factor and Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum, Dr. Poppie takes you on a business growth journey, giving you the strength, courage, and knowledge to build and grow a successful, independent business in his new book, The New Intrapreneur.


Dr. Poppie is a renowned serial entrepreneur with a passion not only for the “game” of business but also for empowering those who want to take the plunge from traditional employment to being the CEOs of their lives.

By catering to a vast array of audiences, Dr. Poppie relentlessly structures his speeches to not only captivate, but to motivate with take-away points that people can actually implement in their own lives and business endeavors.

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker for a specific audience, Dr. Poppie has the ability to customize a new presentation that is tailored specifically to that audience and fulfills any need within your organization.