The Poppie Factor: Essential Elements for Business Success

The Poppie Factor, Essential Elements for Business Success – Paper Back

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What are the reasons you think you can’t be successful?
Are you ready to allow yourself to become successful?
Do you know that successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t or won’t?

There are countless books and motivational speakers that profess to have a formula for creating a business; growing a business; and succeeding in business. They claim they have a secret on what success is and how to be successful.

Ironically, most merely talk the walk; few have really walked the walk as completely as Dr. Brad Poppie has. The Poppie Factor will show you how to:

Learn the art of being able to create money versus not just making money.
To think like the rich and sustain this thinking in order to transform your life into what you have always wanted.
Identify what prevented you from achieving business success and how to redirect your drive with laser focusing to get where you want to be.
Why its smart to embrace risks that prevented you from moving forward with your dream.
How to hone your verbal and visual communication skills (and why these are essential) that will place you ahead of your competition.
Why you should redefine your goal setting and deliver doable and measurable steps to succeed.
How to resurrect and reinvent yourself after a business failure.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t and won’t. With The Poppie Factor, you will know the difference and what steps to take, starting now, to create your success. There is always a world of difference between success and failure!

Dr. Brad Poppie has learned that failure is never fatal and that success comes next. Within The Poppie Factor, you will learn quickly what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

Successful people get that they need to set goals and plan how to implement them.
Successful people understand the need for and have a burning desire to continuously learn.
Successful people accept responsibility for their failures.
Successful people learn from failing.
Successful people embrace change.
Successful people give credit to other people for their victories.
Successful people know they must have a team of people to help support their endeavors.

Guaranteed, life’s curve balls will come your way, often at the most unexpected times. Your steps toward being successful are rarely easily, yet totally doable. Ask yourself:
Is what you are doing or trying to accomplish your passion?
Is it something that you are so passionate about that will forever burn hot in your gut?
Will it essentially not feel like work because whatever you are trying to accomplish is not only fun but easy to focus on?

The Poppie Factor
 is your new roadmap. With Dr. Brad Poppie as your guide, you will have a much easier time hitting anything thrown at you out of the park you will have a desire to learn more about how to make contact with those curve balls in order to hit them.

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