Dr. Brad PoppieTalent is something you are born with but skill is something that takes years of nurturing to master. How do you master your skill? It’s by beating on your craft over and over again for a sustained period of time. What is your craft? Ah, you don’t know? Well, you better find out because if you don’t, you can never dance to the beat of your own drum.

What I’m referring to by “beating on your craft” is discovering what you’re passionate about and then eating, sleeping, and breathing it until you become a master at it. Sounds easy, right? I mean why wouldn’t you want to eat, sleep, breathe something you are passionate about? What makes beating on your craft so difficult is someone’s lack of ability to decide what craft it is that he or she wants to beat and then beating it time and time again over a prolonged period.

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Dr. Brad Poppie