You started your business to gain more control over your future, your income, and your time. Like many entrepreneurs, however, you may have found your business taking control instead.

Entrepreneur and author of The Poppie Factor and Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum, Dr. Brad Poppie, walks owners through the strategies they need to gain power over their business goals. Through his educational series of books, Dr. Poppie helps owners shape their organization to achieve greater business growth without losing the income, freedom, and autonomy entrepreneurs crave.

Completing Dr. Poppie’s effective entrepreneurial trilogy with powerful advice on shaping your business, The New Intrapreneur shows you essential techniques for achieving personal work/life balance in a way that helps not just your business thrive, but your life outside of work tas well. 

Grow your business and yourself by learning Dr. Poppie’s techniques for essential business strategies such as:

  • Creating a modern, flexible management organization within your business from the start
  • Shaping a powerful, motivational company culture
  • Developing strong leadership attitudes in both yourself and your team members
  • Attracting and hiring intrapreneurs– dynamic and innovative employees who will take your business to new heights
  • Building a team of intrapreneurs that will give you the freedom to work on your business and not in your business.

Take control of your business and your life through Dr. Poppie’s fresh perspective on the modern business world, and discover the path to achieving your ultimate goals.